Top 12 best headboards for reading in bed Review

Top 12 best headboards for reading in bed

Are you a book lover that cannot fall asleep unless two-three pages of a book has been read? Are you looking for a headboard that will give you the perfect support for resting your back while you dive into the book with complete concentration? Then, look out no more. This guide that you are reading at the moment will enlighten you regarding reviews of Top 12 best headboards for reading in bed.
The headboards that we have listed below will not only give you the comfort that you need for reading in bed you will also get the opportunity of upgrading the look of your bedroom without bringing out much changes.
You will surely get the most suitable one according to your own taste and preference. Also, we have provided two guides regarding how you will choose a headboard for yourself and as well as how you will be benefited by getting yourself headboards.

1.Modway Sovereign Tufted Faux headboard

A book worm will definitely bring sleep to their eyes by reading a book while staying at peace. And to make your reading experience relaxing you will need the support of the beautifully designed Modway Sovereign Tufted Faux headboard. The board consists of soft linen fabric that allows you to rest your back and head comfortably while you are deeply engaged with reading your book.
To add a touch of elegance to the headboard, buttons have been embedded deeply. The white color of headboard brings a classy vibe into your bedroom. The color white also adjusts with any kind of interior that you might have in your room. Furthermore, any girl will love to have this at their bedrooms because of the high arch kind of detail is very feminine. There is more of the headboard that you will surely love and we have highlighted them below for you.

 Modway Sovereign Tufted Faux headboard
  • A combination of solid wood and fiberboard has been used for ensuring a durable construction.
  • Layer of dense foam gives you a comfortable service to rest your back on.
  • The design of the headboard will never go old as it will be suiting all sort of interior.
  • The height of the headboard can be adjusted according to your own preference.
  • There is a requirement that the headboard is assembled.

2.Modway Lily Tufted Faux Headboard

A person that has a modern taste and will want their headboard to be a classy one for their queen sized bed will love this Modway Lily Tufted Faux Headboard. This headboard has been kept classy b designing in the right way. Soft faux leather upholstery makes the headboard look elegant while you can take a small nap resting your back against it.
The construction of the headboard has been done using durable fiberboard and plywood. Even though the construction has been made with materials that are sturdy it is lightweight and will not give a bulky feel to your bed. Furthermore, the headboard has a tufted checkered design that completes the overall look and brings out class.

Modway Lily Tufted Faux Headboard
  • Vinyl fabric makes the headboard look eye-catching.
  • The headboards can be clean easily. You can use a slightly damp cloth as well for doing so.
  • Comes with 1-year guaranty of providing replacement from the manufacturer.
  • High-quality faux leather has been used that is smooth to touch.
  • It might not fit all sort of beds. You will need to ask the manufacturer for confirmation.

3.Modway Annabel Tufted Button Linen Fabric

This Modway Annabel Tufted Button Linen Fabric Headboard will be the center of attraction of your bedroom. It has been made to look subtle and classy with buttons tufted deeply inside the foam. Your room will look sophisticated and as well as very soothing to look at as the headboard consists of flowing contours and richly rewarding design.
The headboard has been manufactured to fit almost all sort of queen-sized beds. You will be able to adjust the height of the headboard as well according to your own preferred height. assembling the headboard will not be tough as well. Even though the construction has been made with durable fiberboard and plywood, it is lightweight.

Modway Annabel Tufted Button Linen Fabric
  • The height can be adjusted at 7 different positions.
  • Made with high quality raw materials for strong and durable construction.
  • Can be easily assembled as it is lightweight.
  • Consists of polyester fabric that will provide a comfortable yet high end-texture finish.
  • You will need to do the job of drilling holes yourselves as it is not there from before.

4.Flash Furniture Lennox Tufted Headboard

Headboards don’t only give you a relaxing place for resting your back while you read with total concentration, it also gives a decorative touch to your bedroom. And if you want to upgrade the look of your bedroom then the Flash Furniture Lennox Tufted Headboard will be a right choice.
The panel of the headboard has been made slim so that it does not take up much space of your bedroom when it is installed. You will have enough floor space as well along with room space. The surface of the headboard has a vinyl upholstery that makes it eye catching because of being shiny and smooth.

  • Classy design of the headboard consists of button tufted and as well as box like design stitched.
  • Adjustable bed slots allow you to choose preferable height.
  • Classy black metal stands seem eye catching and gives elegant touch to your bed.
  • Comes with 4 different color options to choose from.
  • Slightly expensive.

5.Zinus Jessica Modern Studio Headboard

The Zinus Jessica Modern Studio Headboard have been manufactured by keeping both comfort and class in mind. The headboard has a classic shape and style going with every sort of interior that your bedroom has. And the comfort is being provided by the foam-padded upholstery that it consists.
The metal headboard has a class framework for you to use a mattress and as well as to enjoy the comfort at the best possible way. Because the headboard is lightweight and yet durable you will find no difficulty in assembling it. It will not take up a huge amount of your valuable time for doing so. Hence, get this headboard for your queen sized bed and enjoy the ultimate comfort that you want while having a good read of your favorite book.

Zinus Jessica Modern Studio Headboard:
  • The headboard comes in various sizes so that you can attach it to queen, king, full and twin beds easily.
  • Foam padded grey upholstery gives you the best comfort for resting your back.
  • Comes with free limited warranty for 5 years from the manufacturer
  • The bed frame and mattress needs to be purchased separately. They don’t come with the headboard.

6.Dorel Living Lyric Button Headboard

If your desire is to give your bedroom an expensive touch, then the Dorel Living Lyric Button Headboard is the right choice. It has beautiful diamond tufting and arched profile giving the headboard a classic style and modern touch.
Comfort has been ensured with the headboard as it consists of padded faux feather that is soft for you to rest your back on and watch television, read books or just have some moments of relaxation. Furthermore, even though the upholstery has been made soft and comfortable the construction is string and durable so that it lasts you for years.

Dorel Living Lyric Button Headboard
  • The headboard can be easily attached to almost all sort of king sized bed frames.
  • Upholstery made up of high quality white faux leather.
  • High in terms of durability.
  • Comes in classic design that will suit al sort of bedroom interior.
  • Not lightweight compared to other headboards.

7.Modway Curl Linen Fabric Upholstered Headboard

Curls have always been a significance of elegance and class. And anyone that would like their things to have elegant curves will surely fall in love with the Modway Curl Linen Fabric Upholstered Headboard.
Apart from having a curvy edge the headboard has the upholster made up of linen that is beautiful and luxurious to touch as well. It consists of dense foam as well that will surely give you the comfort that you need to rest your back. Furthermore, according to your own personal preference, you will be able to adjust the height of the headboard as well. it gets attached to almost all full bed frames without much difficulty.

Modway Curl Linen Fabric Upholstered Headboard:
  • The construction material of the headboard is strong and durable. Solid wood ad particleboard has been used for it.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Elegant detailing using luxurious fine linen fabric material.
  • Comes in 6 different colors
  • Expensive in terms of price.

8.Brookside Upholstered headboard

Bring a sophisticated vibe to your bedroom by getting the Brookside Upholstered headboard. The linen upholster has been designed by giving a button less diamond tufting. You will get the comfort that you need for having a good read with complete relaxation.
Furthermore, apart from the regular white color you are getting unique color options as well like charcoal, navy, stone and cream. And the best part of the headboard that you are getting a hidden compartment. You will be able to store some of your essential things inside it.
The construction of the headboard has been made in a durable way and by using high-quality Siberian Larch wood. Hence, be assured for the headboard giving you service for very long days.

  • Very unique color options to choose from according to personal preference.
  • Comes with lifetime limited warranty.
  • Comes with legs that has been drilled from before.
  • The height of the headboard is adjustable.
  • Only spot cleaning can be done. Cleaning in any other way can cause the headboard get defected.

9.Modway Lily Tufted Linen Fabric Headboard

Just like the gracefulness of a lily, you will find the same sort of elegance in the Modway Lily Tufted Linen Fabric Headboard. Class has been maintained in this headboard by doing the right amount of detailing. It will fit into all sort of queen-sized bed making the look of your bedroom look upgraded and as well a good way of renovation.
The headboard is padded but you will stay assured of getting the comfort that you want while you are reading. The headboard has been constructed with durable plywood and fiberboard and has a supportive dense foam that will give the comfort a reader needs. Furthermore, it comes with essential hardware required for installing the headboard to the queen-sized bed of yours.

Modway Lily Tufted Linen Fabric Headboard
  • Comes with 1-year warranty from manufacture.
  • The headboard is made with two durable construction materials known as fiberboard and plywood.
  • The metal used in the headboard is nickel which is a durable one.
  • Lightweight.
  • The height of the headboard can be adjusted.
  • Comes in just one color.

10.Pulaski Selma Camel Back Tweed Headboard

Enough of headboards that have tufted buttons in them. Let us now have a look at the uniquely designed Pulaski Selma Camel Back Tweed Headboard. This amazing headboard has a thick padding and beautiful nail head trim at the edges making the overall look seem sleek and beautiful.
You can keep your headboard clean easily because of the linen fabric which allows you to do so. Furthermore, it is soft to touch and comfortable to rest your back on while you read, relax or simply watch your favorite show on the television. For added protection to the headboard the legs of it come covered.

Pulaski Selma Camel Back Tweed Headboard
  • Suitable to be attached to almost all kind of king sized bed.
  • Generous foam padding for ultimate comfort while you rest your back on it.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Comes in neutral color too suit all sort of décor
  • Not lightweight compared to all other headboards.
  • Water or any cleaning solvent that contains water cannot be used for the cleaning of the headboard

11.Modway Emily Tufted Button Headboard

You can give your bedroom or the guest room an upgrade of style by installing the elegant Modway Emily Tufted Button Headboard. Tufted buttons and a subtle grey color will look soothing to the eyes and as well as suit all sort of interiors inside any bedroom. You will just need to make sure that the bed is queen sized for installing.
For customizing the look of your bed and give a unique touch you can adjust the height of the headboard after attaching it to the bed frame. Furthermore, when the upholster of the headboard is touched you will get a luxurious feeling because of it being covered with quality polyester fabric cover.

  • Easy to assemble because of being lightweight.
  • Comes with one-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Height can be adjusted according to personal requirement.
  • Classy button tufted design that will never go out of style even with increasing years.
  • Suitable for attaching to queen sized bed only.

12.Pulaski Camel Bask Upholstered Headboard

If simplicity is what you find class in, then the Pulaski Camel Bask Upholstered Headboard will be loved by you. This classy panel headboard has been designed to have thick padding and nail head trimmed at the edges to finish the overall look with elegance.
The shape of the headboard is a bit curvy resembling a camel’s back. The fabric applied as the upholster is present at the back as well. It feels smooth and luxurious when you touch it and it is very easy to clean as well. Hence, upgrade the look of your bedroom without waiting any further with this amazing headboard.

  • Long lasting and durable fabric that you will surely love.
  • Both front and back has been upholstered.
  • Unique camel back shape followed by nickel nail trimmed at the edges.
  • Headboard gives a sophisticated and luxurious feel.
  • Bed frame has not been included with the headboard.
  • Way too heavy compared to other headboard.

Buying Guides:

How to choose the best headboard for yourself?

Headboards are indeed one of the aspects of a bedroom that gets noticed the instant anyone walks inside the room. There are many styles and materials that headboards come in and you have to choose the right one for yourself. Hence, for helping you out we have listed down some tips below that will help in choosing the right one.

Choose a headboard that has the ability to grab attention:

A headboard that will simply just get camouflaged with the color of the wall simply just covers up the purpose of it being a decorative piece. You will need to choose a headboard that has a fabric with other textures added to it or is slightly rippled.
A great headboard that should be selected are the ones that are tufted with buttons and has metal nails embedded at the edge. If not metal nails, having ribbon laced edges will do and this will surely make the headboard stand out.

Choose the right color:

Choosing the right color for your headboard is an essential aspect to consider. If your room has dark walls then you should go for a headboard that has a subtle color. And if your room has walls that have been painted with light color, you will need to choose a headboard that is dark as a contrast so that it pops.
The ultimate idea is to choose the right color of the headboard according to the interior details of your bedroom. Choosing the right color will help you ensure that the headboard seems highlighted.

Make sure that the headboard is the right size:

Before you think of getting a headboard have the correct knowledge regarding the size of your bed. You will need to choose a headboard that is the right size and will fit the bed frames accurately. Unless the headboard is not the right size, getting it is pointless even if the design and color seems attractive.

Choosing the right style:

Here by style we mean choosing the right shape of the headboard. You will need to choose the right style that will go with the interior and features of your bedroom. If the interior of your bedroom reflects feminine vibes, get yourself headboards that are curvy and as well as has arch as the top part.
On the other hand, if your bedroom has been designed to be classy and modern choose a headboard that has clean and sharp edges that will seem to go with the modern vibe of your room.
Lastly, believe in your own taste and don’t just simply jump onto getting a headboard that seemed nice without any analysis. To help you out with how you will be going to analyze we have listed the tips above. Thinking these aspects will help you get the right selection of headboard for yourself. Without any doubt!

Benefits of getting a headboard for yourself:

Styling your home is one of the important task needs to be done for presentation. Apart, from presentation having a well-organized and well styled house seems to give one the peace of mind that they need. Hence, for such purpose you can get yourself headboards and we have listed down some benefits which are convincing enough.

Add style without much effort:

If you want to upgrade the look of your bedroom and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money behind it, getting a headboard is a simple situation. You can make the headboard seem the main center of attraction of your bedroom and anyone who will enter your bedroom will have their attention grabbed by the headboard.

Not costly:

Compared to the huge sum of money that you will need to invest if you wanted to change the whole outlook of your bedroom, a headboard will not seem much costly. You will find your bed seem to be looking brand new if you install a stylish headboard.
Without having to spent behind repainting the walls or changing the interior design your room will gain back the new vibes of class and sophistication.

A good solution of covering up stains on the wall:

Getting all the furniture out of the room so that the wall can be repainted again is surely a pure hassle. Why not just simply cover it up by getting a headboard? You will not only be adding style to your bedroom but you will be saving money of getting the whole room painted.
Apart from covering the walls that has stains, you can protect the walls from getting future stains as well.

Back support:

We all know that there is a requirement of having a back support when your wish to watch the television or want to read your favorite book. But having your back rest against a hard wall is not something the you should do as it is not at all comfortable.
Hence, headboards have dense foam that gives out a comfortable feel for you to easily rest your back against it. You will find yourself completely relaxed while you wish to accomplish any kind of task while enjoying sometime in the evening.
To sum up, if you are thinking of getting your room renovated then getting a headboard is the best possible idea that you should be going for. You have clearly got an idea regarding it after reading the benefits that we have listed above. Apart from styling your room you are getting other benefits as well which is important.


To sum up, if you are in search of the most comfortable headboards then these are Top 12 best headboards for reading in bed that you should be choosing from. They are the best amongst the vast number of them available in the market. Which you have surely got an idea of by reading the reviews and reaching the end of this guide.
For making you feel a bit more relaxed and assured about you getting a headboard for yourself we have listed down a number of reasons that will enlighten you regarding how beneficial it is to get a headboard. Furthermore, to help you with making the selection of a headboard easier we have listed down the important aspects that needs to be considered. So wait no more! Get a suitable headboard and upgrade the look of your bedroom today itself.

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