Best portable mattress for guests 2020 [step by step Guide]

Best portable mattress for guests 2020 [step by step Guide]
Best portable mattress for guests

Best portable mattress for guests

Are your eyes in search of the perfect guide that will enlighten you about the best portable mattress for guests? If yes, you have definitely arrived at the right place. This article that you are going through at the moment is all about enlightening you regarding some comfortable guest bed options.

You will get to know about mattresses that can not only be used for guests to stayover but also for other purposes as well, such as traveling, or while you go for camping. Depending on what your requirements are, you choose amongst 10 best mattresses that we have listed below.

Each of them is high in terms of quality to keep you satisfied with the money that you invest in it. We also included a buying guide to help you with making your decision to choose the right mattress for yourself. There are some common questions as well that might arise in your minds. Please have a look at them.

1.Sound Asleep Dream Series:

For being able to sleep safe and sound, you will need the best air mattress that has firmness and stability within it. And you will get that sort of feature in the mattresses of Sound Asleep Dream Series. The mattress consists of comfort coil technology that makes sure that it does slip or slide off the bed frame. Your back will stay in proper support for keeping your posture right.

The installation of the mattress takes only 4 minutes. You will just need to click the toggle, and it will get inflated. And in the same way that you click the toggle, you can easily deflect the mattress whenever there is a requirement.

To make sure that your mattress does not slip off and annoy your guests in the middle of the night, the bottom side of the mattress consists of a grip. The grip holds onto your bed frame so that it does not slip or slide due to any movement. Depending on the dimensions of your bed frame, you are getting four different sizes to select from. The sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Queen and King.

SoundAsleep Dream Series
  • The construction material of the mattress is PVC, which is extra durable and is puncture resistant.
  • The top of the mattress is extra thick for longevity and is waterproof.
  • For the mattress to be high in terms of durability, the mattress consists of total 40 internal air coils.
  • Deflating and inflating requires only 4 minutes.
  • The mattress starts to deflect on its own after a certain amount of long term use.

2.Lazery Sleep Air:

Lazery Sleep Air mattress is all about great modern technology-infused inside it. Inflating the mattress is just the matter of pressing some switches of an LED remote. Yes, indeed! The mattress consists of a built-in pump that can be used for inflating the bed with air. It will take only 4 minutes to be completely ready so that you can lay down on it.

Depending on your own convenience and the condition of your back, you can select the firmness of your mattress. The remote allows you to select from 7 different firmness. Your guests will surely love their stay at your place because of such convenience that they will get.

Thinking of changing your residence, but worried how you are going to take the mattress? Well, don’t stress out. Just simply, with the help of the remote, you can deflate the bed. And then by just simply folding it and keeping it inside the bag, you can carry it to your new residence. You will get the bag along with a mattress when you order it.

Don’t worry about the mattress getting harmed in any way while you carry it since it is constructed with puncture-proof material. It has the capability of holding up to 500 lbs. of weight.

Lazery Sleep Air
  • The top of the mattress is made up of waterproof material so that you don’t panic if you accidentally spill water on your bed.
  • It comes with 1-year warranty.
  • Even the distribution of weight is done by the mattress because it consists of 40 coils internally.
  • You can shut-off the internal electronic pump for mental peace and safety.
  • This mattress comes in 3 size range only. The sizes are large for only a single person to sleep on.

3.Better Habitat Sleep Ready:

If you find inflating a bed mattress a very hassle kind of job, then you can simply get the Better Habitat Sleep Ready mattress. You will not need to air fill it since the internal of the mattress consists of solid memory foam. It is a folding rollaway bed. You will love this kind of mattress if you have back and joint issues. If you are thinking of getting this for the guest room, then they will definitely love it.

A mattress is a great option if you wish to take it with you on camps or any other travel destination. Since you can just roll it for storing it and then unroll whenever you feel like storing it. You can maintain hygiene with the bed mattress at all times since the top hypo allergic cover of it prevents microorganisms like bacteria, mold, bacteria, and allergens from entering inside the foam.

  • For easy carriage of the mattress, it is lightweight, but it still can take up about 230 lbs. Weight.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.
  • For traveling with the mattress or for storing it, you will get a bag.
  • The cover can be removed and washed if it gets dirty after certain time of use.
  • The size range of this mattress is not wide.

4.Coleman Airbed:

Your bed is surely your favorite place to enjoy your tea or your favorite drink. And you will find that convenience of enjoying your favorite drink with the Coleman Airbed. This amazing mattress comes with 2 side tables attached to it that you can pull out for storing essential things. The table consists of cup holders for you to keep your favorite refreshing drink by your side.

If you are looking at this mattress for guests, it is indeed a great choice! Your guest will not face discomfort while resting or sleeping on it since the mattress consists of coils that will provide proper support to the body. The bed will keep hold of its firmness throughout the night.

To add more, Inflating the pump will take very little time. You will not need to do it yourself since the mattress consists of a battery-operated pump internally.

Coleman Airbed
  • The mattress is durable in terms of construction since it has a strong steel frame.
  • The bed frame can hold up to 600 lbs. Amount of weight.
  • You can store all the essential things you need during bedtime on the side tables.
  • It comes with a convenient cup holder.
  • The mattress can be folded up for portability after the air is deflated from it.
  • To run the battery pump, there is a requirement of a 4-D cell battery. You will need to purchase the battery separately since it is not included with the mattress.
  • It comes in two sizes only.

5.Best Choice Sky2760:

You need to keep your mattress in a very hygienic condition if you have allergic issues or asthma. And for such purpose, you will surely love the Best Choice Sky2760 mattress. The cover of it helps in providing protection to your mattress from dust, pollen, moisture, allergens, and other pollutants from settling inside it.

To help keep the environment of your homes clean, you can wash the cover of the mattress. Even if you take it on a camp, you can give the cover a wash and dry to help keep it ready for the next use. The mattress is portable since it has a tri-fold system. You can simply tuck it inside the bag it comes along and zip it up for taking along with you outdoors.

It is indeed great in terms of versatility since you can use the mattress for taking on camps, for the guest room, for using it outdoors during any occasion or family gatherings.

  • Easily portable since it is lightweight and can be folded.
  • Very versatile since it can be used for various purposes.
  • Hygiene can be maintained at all times since the cover can be washed and kept clean.
  • The mattress consists of a memory foam that is sturdy and firm.
  • The firmness of the foam keeps your body posture correct and as well relaxes you if you have back and joint problems.
  • It comes in three sizes.
  • The mattress takes 24 to 72 hours to expand completely. That is a lot of time to wait for.

6.Wonder Sleep Classic Series:

Inflation will not be an issue if you have to bother about it while a sudden guest arrives if you get the Wonder Sleep Classic Series. You can inflate the mattress by just rotating the pump. And your mattress for your guest will be ready in just 4 minutes of time.

The mattress will make sure that your guest will stay relaxed and comfy since it consists of 35 strong air coils inside it for evenly distributing body weight. Your guest will not face anybody’s soreness since the firmness it has will provide the proper back support.

Guests went away? Do you want to save space? Then do that easily by deflating the mattress and just simply fold it up. After being done with the folding, you can tuck it inside the carrying bag that is included. You can then keep the bag inside your closet very easily.

WonderSleep Classic Series
  • The bottom of the mattress has a reinforced grip to prevent the mattress from sliding on the floor or from the bed frame.
  • The mattress will surely last for a very long time since the cover is puncture resistant.
  • For added comfort and durability, the mattress has firmness.
  • You will not need to sweat it if you accidentally spill water on the mattress since the top of the mattress is waterproof.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty.
  • You will need to inflate the mattress manually with the help of rotating a pump.

7.Milliard Tri-Fold:

A mattress that can be quickly transformed into a sofa whenever required is surely an amazing thing for people who have a liking towards playing video games. You are getting that convenient dual function in the Millard Tri-Fold mattress. Use it as a sofa for the whole time and then quickly transform it into a mattress to let a guest stay over.

Folding the mattress into a sofa and the unfolding it for sleeping on it requires only a couple of seconds. The mattress consists of high-density foam that eliminates your job of inflating it. Take it camping, your hostel or any other place where you think you need this mattress. It has been made lightweight for easy portability.

Watching TV, reading a book, or just playing video games will surely be a comfortable experience. Since you will get to lean your back and experience comfort so that you don’t have any soreness or back pain issues.

:Milliard Tri-Fold
  • Maintenance of cleanliness has been made easy since the cover can be washed using the machine.
  • Easy in terms of portability since it is lightweight, and you can fold its bag and put it inside the bag for traveling.
  • Dual functionality features allow the mattress to take only a few seconds to transform into a sofa.
  • The inner side of the mattress consists of high-density memory foam that is firm enough to provide proper body support.
  • The mattress comes in two sizes only.

8.Hicapop Toddler Kids Bed:

To prevent toddlers that are learning to walk and crawl around, it is unsafe to keep them in bed. Keeping them in bed puts them at risk of falling from there and hurting themselves because of bumping their heads on the floor. Hence, it is essential that you look for a solution. And the solution that we have for you is the Hicapop Toddler Bed.

Just inflate the bed and keep it on the floor. Your kid can easily get off from it whenever they feel like and simply climb it. It will take a simple 30 seconds to inflate. No matter what your child does on the mattress, it will not get deflated. The cover is thick enough and punctures proof so that air does not leak under any circumstances.

To add more safety to the mattress, it consists of long bed rail bumpers. The bumpers are tall enough to prevent your child from falling off while rolling inside it.

  • It comes with a convenient handle so that children can easily drag it around.
  • It comes in three colors to choose from.
  • The electric pump is included with the mattress. You will not need to purchase a separate pump for inflating the mattress.
  • Simple easy to read instructions is included with the mattress.
  • Very safe for children to use since it comes with bed rail bumpers.
  • Great customer service offered by the manufacturer. Replacement of the product is offered if a defected product arrives accidentally.
  • It does not come in a large size range.

9.Sable Air Bed:

You want a convenient mattress for your guests, but you also don’t want it to take up any space at home permanently. For such demands, you need a mattress like the Sable Air Bed. It is the best guest bed for small space as it turns into a queen-size that is large enough for your guests to comfortably stay over. And you can easily store it inside your closet once they are gone, to save your space inside the house.

For storing, all you will need to do is to just fold the mattress once the air is deflated out from it. You can then easily fit it inside the bag that it arrives in. Zip the bag to keep the mattress inside it clean.

The inflation process of the mattress is easier than you have ever thought. The internal side of the mattress consists of an electric pump that automatically does the job of inflation. If you wish to inflate the mattress manually, you can do that as well with any pump that you have.

  • The bed is spacious enough to allow a minimum of two persons to sleep on it.
  • The bed has the capacity to hold 300 kg of weight.
  • Inflation takes only 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Easy folding system for storing and traveling.
  • Adequate for using outdoors or camping since the mattress is puncture-proof.
  • Comes in queen size only

10.Intex Classic Twin:

Your guests are at home, and you have a short number of pillows? Well, don’t sweat out about it. Intex Classic Twin mattress has the feature of the built-in pillow. It also gets inflated when you inflate the mattress.

Eat and drink do whatever you want while you relax on this mattress. Don’t worry about the bed getting damaged because of spilling anything on it. Since the top of the mattress is waterproof and has been constructed using sturdy and durable vinyl beams.

Inflating the bed or deflating the bed is the matter of just one push. You will need to push the button and you will see the built-in electric pump doing the job. You will not need to purchase any sort of pump for manually inflating the mattress.

Intex Classic Twin
  • The mattress goes 9-inch-high from the floor after inflation.
  • You can fold the mattress and make it compact for easy storage after deflation.
  • The mattress comes with a travel bag for ease in portability.
  • Quality and strength have been ensured since the top cover is waterproof and the construction is sturdy.
  • The inflation of the mattress does get affected by location, temperature, and humidity. You will require to re-inflate it after a certain time of use.

Buying guide:

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Cover
  • Fold
  • Price

Things to consider when choosing the best portable mattress for guests:
To keep your guests happy, and to make sure that their stay at your residence has been satisfying for them, it is essential that you buy the best portable mattress for them. However, to buy the, it is essential that you carefully keep some factors in your mind before choosing and investing your money on a certain mattress. We have listed the facts right down below, go through them.


You will need to make sure that you buy the right size in terms of the mattress. Considering the size that you need will be depending on the type of guests that will stay with you. If your house is frequently visited by relatives that bring kids along, you will need a king-sized mattress.

If your house is frequently visited by some friends of yours, then getting a queen-sized mattress is the right choice. On the other hand, if you get guests at your place rarely, and people staying over at your place is a matter of the sudden case, then getting a single or twin sized mattress will be enough.


Money and time are surely valuable. You cannot be buying a mattress every other month if the previous one is not working for your needs. Hence, you will need to make sure that you get the best air mattress for long term use that will last at least a year.

Investigate the materials that have been used for the making of the mattress. And then also look for how many years’ warranty is being provided by the manufacturer. The time period of the warranty is how long the mattress is going to last.


Since you will be getting a mattress that is portable, you will definitely use it for traveling. If you are getting a mattress that consists of memorable foam, then make sure that the cover it comes with is washable. Making sure that is essential because you need to stay clean and hygienic to avoid catching allergy and diseases.


Investigate how many folds can be done after the deflation of a mattress. The greater the number of folds, the easier it will be for storing the mattress.


You liked all the features of a certain mattress. That is fine! Don’t straight jump up and order it. Make sure that you look for more mattresses of different manufacturers with the same kind of features that you liked. And then look at the prices that these manufacturers have to offer. After that, get the mattress that is offering you the best price.

Final verdicts:

To conclude, you surely have made your selection regarding which mattress you will be getting for your valuable guests. Other than the fact that this guide was about mainly the best portable mattress for guests, we made sure that you get to know about mattresses that are very versatile.
You will get to use any of the mattresses that you selected above for a lot of purposes that will make a lot of things easier for you to accomplish. Stay assured that whichever you have chosen will keep you satisfied as each of the reviewed mattresses are the popular choice of customers.

How can I make my air mattress more comfortable?

To make yourself comfortable on a bed, you can do the following things.
Don’t sleep on the mattress directly. Spread a clean bed sheet on it.
Use pillows that seem comfortable you.
Inflate the mattress as much you require according to your convenience.
Try using the mattress on top of a carpet

Can you fold a mattress in half?

Unless the mattress itself has the system of folding and transforming itself into a sofa, you should not try forcefully to fold a mattress. After inflation, if your try is folding a mattress, you will see the inner coils and the border rods getting damaged.

What do you put under an air mattress when camping?

Place a cotton mattress cover beneath the air mattress while camping. The bottom of the air mattress will hold onto the cloth and will not slide off.

Can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?

Using an air mattress permanently is not recommended. That is because air mattress does slowly deflate after certain time of use. You will need to re-inflate it from time to time.

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