How much does it cost to build a deck on a house?

How much does it cost to build a deck on a house?

A beautiful luxurious house without a deck for having some time outdoors relaxing and chilling is surely incomplete. You might think, “why need a deck when there are beautiful outdoor places in home town just a few miles away?”. Well, you won’t find the essence of freedom there, which you would get while spending time on your own deck. Hence, you must have a deck at your place and also get to know how much does it cost to build a deck on the house.

To enlighten you about the money that you need to invest in the building of your deck, we have prepared this important essential guide. You will get to know here regarding the type of decks and their costs. Just have a brief read of all the information included down below.

Type of decks, advantages, disadvantages, and costs:

⦁ Pressure Treated Deck Cost:

The cost of a pressure treated deck is $6 per square foot of wood. If you get it installed by professionals, then the cost would be between the range of $12 to $18. The deck is being called pressure treated, since the wood that is used for building the deck is treated chemically by keeping it under pressure. This is to make the resistance towards mold, insects, and rot formation.


⦁ The making of pressure-treated is done using low-quality fir or pine. These kinds of wood tends to get easily cracked with increasing age. And to prevent the cracking, you will need to have a maintenance schedule.

⦁ Pressure-treated wood should not come into contact with water, any kind of metal such as aluminum, nails, screws, joists, deck hangers, and fasteners. These substances will cause the wood to face corrosion, which can be dangerous if not repaired since it will call structural instability.

⦁ If you are taking the decision of building and installing pressure treated deck, you should keep in mind that you must have enough budget for the future regular maintenance, where activities like sealing, sanding and staining will be done.

Redwood Deck Cost:

Simply just the redwood and the materials that would be required for building the deck would cost $7 per square foot. The total installation and building process of the deck would cost between the range of $15 to $21. Since the quality of redwood is very high compared to the chemically pressurized wood, the cost is a little bit more.


⦁ You will not face all the hassle of corrosion because of coming into contact with copper or metallic substances.

⦁ Redwood is known best for convenient painting and staining.

⦁ You will not need to treat redwood chemically for making it resistant towards pests and fire since it has natural resistance towards them.

⦁ Redwood is high in terms of longevity and quality.


⦁ Even if deck made up of redwood is high in terms of quality, there is a requirement for maintenance by staining or sealing for the prevention of mold development and damage by harmful UV rays of the sun.

Cedar decking cost:

The cost cedar and the materials required for installation is between $4 to $8 per square foot. The cost will also depend on the quality that you select. Cedar can be bought in both treated and untreated format. You will find the wood in untreated format since it is naturally resistant towards getting weathered or rotten.


⦁ The cost of the cedar is budget-friendly compared to other types of decks that we have listed above.

⦁ The cedar wood has natural resistance towards getting weathered, rotten, and getting destroyed by insects like termites.

⦁ Cedar can be easily stained and sealed. It will not get warped as well in the future because of aging.


⦁ Cedar boards don’t have the strength equal to other hardwoods. The cedar boards can get scratched and dented easily.
⦁ There is a requirement of providing cedar decks yearly maintenance which involves sanding, staining and sealing.

Ipe decking cost:

Ipe, is a Brazilian wood that is also well known as Ironwood. The cost of just the materials and the wood ranges between $10 to $15 for per square foot on average. It is indeed costly in terms of price and the cost of the installation will be even more since there is a requirement of using special tools for drilling holes inside the Ironwood.


⦁ The lifetime of the Ironwood is for over 40 years.

⦁ The requirement of maintaining decks made up of Ipe is less. But you definitely need to apply oil on a yearly basis.


⦁ Ipe wood is surely expensive in terms of cost compared to normal wood that has been treated chemically using standard pressure.

Composite decking cost:

Just the initial cost range of the composite deck begins from $10 and can go up to $15 per square foot. The installation cost of the deck will range between $23 and $38 per square foot.
The composite wood of consists of recycled plastic substances like polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polypropylene. Even though it is made up of plastic materials composed together, the look of it is just like real wood. It is indeed a popular choice of material for building a deck, and we have listed all the features down below.


⦁ Composite decking is one of the costliest types amongst the other deck options.

⦁ The requirement of maintenance of composite decking is very less since it does not get warped and rotten easily.

⦁ Composite decks do not contain any kind of chemical inside it, so it will not get easily corroded.

⦁ You will get a range of colors to choose from if you select composite decking.

⦁ There is no requirement of sealing or staining the composite decking for maintenance.

⦁ You will find some planks of composite decks with holes for allowing electrical and audio cables to run through it.


⦁ Once the composite deck gets destroyed because of some reason, it is not possible to retain the original look back. Since composite decks cannot be sand-like woods can be.

⦁ The surface of composite decks will be warmer compared to wood during the high temperature of the climate.

Trex decking Cost:

The initial cost of all the materials required for Trex decking is between $8 and $20 per square foot on an average calculation.


⦁ Trex boards are resistant in nature towards getting faded, stained and as well as catching molds or even getting damaged by termites.

⦁ The manufacturer of Trex provides a 25-year warranty on the product and as on the capability of it not getting faded and stained easily.

⦁ You will not need to treat Trex for preventing the attack of insects or for making it waterproof.


⦁ You cannot recolor or try refinishing Trex boards once it gets damaged.

Deck size and their costs:

The next thing that you need to have a look at is regarding the deck size and their cost after you select the type of deck you want to get installed for your homes. Hence, we have listed down below regarding the costs of some commonly deck sizes by builders and homeowners.

How much does it cost to build a 10×16 deck?

The costing will surely depend on the type of deck that you use. Since, 10×16= 160 square feet, you will need to invest about $2500 minimum and it can go up depending on what the builders charge and the type of deck you want to install

How much does it cost to build a 12×12 deck?

12×12=144 square feet in total will require you to invest between $2,160 and $5,040. The prices can go slightly higher than the estimation depending on what builder’s demand and what the materials cost.

How much does it cost to build a 10×10 deck?

The total size is 10×10= 100 square feet, which will have a minimum cost of $1500 and the maximum cost for $3500. The price will vary in between these two maximum and minimum estimations depending on the quality and the kind of deck that is selected


Does a deck add value to a home?

If you are building a home to later sell it off, give it on rent or do a business out of it by defining it as a resort, then installing a deck will definitely add value and increase your profit. If you wish to sell it off the estimated percent that you can recover of the value is 106%.

Will adding a deck increases my taxes?

Adding a deck to your house can indeed increase your tax because I will increase the value of your house.

What is the average labor cost to build a deck?

The labor cost comes within the total installation cost. The cost surely depends on the size of the deck and as well as the type of deck that you install. However, if you want an estimation, then it will be starting from $7000 to $17,000. The estimation is for installation and labor costs combined together

Final verdicts:

To sum up, after reaching the final end of this entire article, you do finally know how much does it cost to build a deck on a house. We have highlighted the kind of decks that is used by builders and we also provided estimations for material and installation cost for each of the type of decks.

To help you understand the sizes of a deck that you can install for your houses, we have picked out some standard sizes and the estimated costs as well. So wait no more! Doll up your houses with beautiful decks to have fun outdoor time.

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