How to make a room looks bigger with paint

Living in a small home or apartment? Confused about how to make a room look bigger? Well, don’t worry. You came to the right place. As all we know in this densely populated country, it is challenging to find space. Most of us live in small rooms which feel not only cozy but also overall too tight. But by using specific painting techniques to make a room look bigger is not very tricky. All you need is to focus on a particular element. Here are essential tips on how to make a room look bigger with paint. So, let’s have a birds-eye view.

  • All-White Space
  • Choose Bright Colors
  • Grey
  • Monochromatic Color Scheme
  • Paint Your Ceilings
  • Don’t forget Accent Wall
  • Use Quality Paint
  • Choose Reflective Finishes

All-White Space

We all know that white is a symbol of purity. Designers always loving to consider all-white interior to creates a bright, airy room to feel light and more prominent. Whites or off-whites paint in a tiny apartment or on trim, and moldings help to add depth to space by making walls, and the smallest areas appear a bit grander and further away.

Choose Bright Colors

You cannot deny that white color, as well as bright colors, also helps to make your house look more prominent. The sometimes pure white wall makes a room feel like a dull and unimaginative. To make a room brighter, bigger consider using light cream, powder blue and soft gray or yellow, orange, and lavender. This is because they reflect light, add a little excitement to space, and eliminate closed-in feeling.


If you don’t like to stick with white but want a neutral palette covering your walls with light cool gray – a great alternative to a white color. As grey creates a bit of depth, use this color to give the space a cozy but expansive feel. If your east or west- the facing room has smaller interiors, then you can consider working with this beautiful color.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Consider using Monochromatic Color Scheme to make the room feel bigger. It is an excellent way of using various shades of one color to create a soothing but spacious room. You can use multiple shades of the same color, such as blue or green, on trim, walls, and ceiling, which helps to blend these different elements and appear the entire space feel larger.

Paint Your Ceilings

Do you know paint ceiling painting techniques also use to make a room look bigger? A different shade of a higher ceiling or slightly lighter than walls create the illusion and making your space feel bigger. One example is a white ceiling with light gray, soft blue, or green walls. This trick allows you to add color, makes the eye upward, and making the room feel higher.

Don’t forget Accent Wall

An accent wall is a wall that is painted in different colors or shades from the rest of the room through wallpaper, tile, stone, wood installation, or other designs. It creates an optical illusion that makes space look bigger by drawing the eye to a single focal point. One idea is to use this in rectangular rooms. Draw two long walls in darker shadows than two short ones instead of just painting against one wall, which makes you feel more significant.

Use Quality Paint

Don’t forget to use quality paint colors to make a room look brighter. Low-quality paint colors not only make the room pale and colorless but also creates a stressful environment. Consider picking a little bit of shiny paint color, which is enough to reflect some light. That reflected light makes space feel bigger. But it doesn’t paint everything high gloss, which will make a room feel cozier.

Choose Reflective Finishes

Besides quality paint, colors always consider picking a finish. Because the reflective surface reflects the light around the room, therefore, making it look bigger. Using mattes, metallic, or glossy finish, you can efficiently achieve the desired goal. But how do you know which is right? Matte finishes on wall and semi-gloss or slightly brighter finishes on trim reflect the light and making space look bigger.

Furthermore, What Can I Do to Make a Small Room Look

  • Lighter colors brighten up the space bigger and brighter and make walls more reflective by making a room feel open and airy.
  • To add depth to your space paint trim, moldings same Color as the wall like whites or off-whites.
  • Lighter blues and greens create brightness and depth in your space.
  • Painting horizontal stripes on walls create an illusion to eye into thinking walls are longer, and rooms are wider.
  • Using a deep, vibrant color with light furniture will make a room look bigger.
  • With white trim use blue, light pink, mauve, peach, and lilac or lavender color in the room to not only create a sweet, vintage look but also it automatically expands the space.

What colors make houses bigger?

To make houses bigger, use reflective properties of light colors such as- Blue and White, Black and White, Brown and Tan, Sage Green and White, and pick pastel shades such as – beige, ivory, milky, and gray, etc. This combination visually makes
the size of the house bigger than they are.

Do Accent walls make a room look bigger or smaller?

Adding A colorful accent wall on larger spaces such as great rooms or family rooms makes it a more significant look while accent walls on small bedrooms not only
poor candidates but also make it even smaller.

How does light GREY make a room look bigger?

Yes, light GREY makes a room look bigger. Light cool grey is a mixture of black and white and a great alternative to a white color. Using light grey with moderate
amounts of light helps visually to create the appearance of more space. It gives a bright, neutral look, elegant, and fresh feel.

Final Words

As you can see, it’s not impossible to make a room look bigger with paint. If you want to make your rooms look bigger, follow these specific painting techniques to make a room look bigger. But before choosing your palette and design, you need to know what shades and plans to use in the room. Just take your time to decide which paint colors have to use to make a room look brighter and bigger.

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