10 Best Most comfortable chair for reading in 2020 Buying Guide

10 Best Most comfortable chair for reading in 2020 Buying Guide


Reading a book is taking therapy. And while you bring in mental peace to yourself using books you need to get the most comfortable chair for reading. This guide is going to enlighten you about the top 10 best reading chairs that will always keep you focused on reading.

Wondering why you should trust our guide? well, we carefully picked up 10 comfortable reading chairs that have gained good reviews from authentic book readers. To add more, we included reading chairs that are different from each other in terms of features. That is to help each of the people that read this guide to find a match that will suit their taste of style, needs and requirements.

To help you make your selection even easier, we have a buying guide included as well. the buying guide will help you know about certain aspects that you should think about and look for to invest in the right reading chair. So let us wait no more and explore some good reading chairs.

Most comfortable chair for reading Review

1#Christopher Knight Home Recliner:

With the Christopher Knight Home Recliner, you can give your back proper relaxation and extend your legs by putting your feet up on the recliner. You will love sitting on this reclining reading chair after you have a long day with lots of chaos to handle since it completely brings your body to a relaxing posture.

To add maximum comfort when you lay your back behind, the back of this chair comes slightly tufted and consists of an extra padded cushion. You will enjoy your reading session because of this comfortable design of the back.

You will love the color range of this recliner chair. It comes in 8 attractive colors to choose from so that you can choose the perfect color that will go with the interior décor of your room and other furniture. For walls that are painted with light color you can get the dark blue, grey, muted blue or the muted orange to upgrade style. For walls that are painted with dark colors you can choose tweed, cream or light grey.

Christopher Knight Home Recliner
  • The chair can be used to seat normally and by pushing with your legs you can turn it into a recliner.
  • The fabric is soft, comfortable and high in quality.
  • Large color range to select from.
  • Stylish tufted back design.
  • The chair is small in dimensions it is not suitable for use by people who are tall while reclining. They will find it comfortable while using the chair normally.

2 # Stork craft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman:

While you read your favorite book you do like to rock yourself a bit to bring more relaxation. For that purpose, you will surely like the Stork Craft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman reading chair. This reading chair for bedroom with ottoman smoothly glides while rocking so that you enjoy your reading. To add more, if you have an infant, you will love the chair since you can rock them to sleep.

For your added comfort while you seat, you can completely let your armrest on the padded arm cushions. There is a pocket available with the chair that will allow you to store essential things like books, magazines, newspapers, bookmarks, mobile phones and anything essential to make your reading time enjoyable. Mothers of infants can use the pocket to store baby clothes, blankets and water.

Don’t freak out if you drop coffee, milk or snacks accidentally while rocking on this chair. Since, you can clean spots that appear very easily as the fabric is polyester upholstery.

Stork craft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
  • It comes with an Ottoman that allows you to keep your legs on it while you extend them for relaxation.
  • The chair has 17 different color stories to select from.
  • Easy to shift around as it has a smooth glider.
  • Comfortable back design helps you to keep your backbone posture right.
  • High in terms of durability and quality.
  • Great weight capacity as it can hold up to 250 pounds.
  • Small in a dimension not suitable for use by people who are very healthy and tall.

3# OSP Designs BF25292:

If you are in search of a comfortable reading chair that is a bit affordable then you will surely like this OSP Designs Papasan Chair. It is simple to assemble and not huge. You can place it in the most suitable corner of your room and it will take very little storage space.

For providing you more comfort while you sit on it a button tufted cushion is included. The cushion will let you lay your back against the cushion comfortably while you dive in with concentration into the world of your book. It is perfect as a cut decorative piece in the room since you can use it for both readings. As well as it can be used when you wish to just let your guests sit and relax while sipping coffee and you speak about life.

This chair is indeed fun for children as well since the swivel base can rotate for 360 degrees. You can use this feature to choose your desired position while you read in peace. It is durable since the construction is done using woven polypropylene that is wicker over the steel frame.

OSP Designs BF25292:
  • You are getting 9 different button tufted cushion colors to choose from.
  • Style and design go with all sorts of interior décor of a room.
  • Affordable in price that makes it perfect for teenagers to use in dorms or their rooms.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight and easy to shift around.
  • The weight capacity of this chair is low. Not recommended for use by people who are overweight.

4# Baxton Studio Wooden Lounge Chair:

Not all of us like reclining chairs for reading. Some of us just prefer simple and comfortable living room chairs with proper back support. For choices like that, you can get yourself the Baxton Studio Wooden Lounge Chair. These chairs consist of very comfortable cushions that have an eye-catching design. The cushion is button tufted and consists of piping on the edges of it to add a touch of the modern fashion.

The armrests of the chair are rounded for adding more ease and comfort. Since chairs that have edgy armrests can result in exerting pressure on your skin. To add more touch of class the chair is upholstered using dark brown faux leather. You can easily remove cushions from the chair whenever required and there are stoppers present underneath the cushions.

You will only need to spend 30 minutes of your valuable time behind assembling the chair. And to guide you will it there will be a user manual included as well that has detailed instructions. You can easily handle the chair since it is lightweight. Perfect weight holding capacity and proper stability is ensured so that you enjoy reading because of the splayed legs.

Baxton Studio Wooden Lounge Chair
  • The dark walnut color of the chair goes with all sorts of wall colors and interior decors.
  • Constructed with durable and solid rubberwood that has great weight holding capacity.
  • Comfortable for reading since it is large in dimensions.
  • Faux leather is high in quality and comfortable to sit on.
  • Assembly is very easy as it takes very little time.
  • This chair comes in one color only it does not have a color story to choose from.

5# Lexicon Fabric Accent Chair:

People with serious back issues need a chair like Lexicon Fabric Accent Chair. This chair has back and seat cushion that will keep your backbone is in a proper position so that there is no strain on your back and you don’t feel any sort of pain. The cushion is filled with foam that gives you a comfortable experience to sit on.

You can easily clean the cushions if it seems to catch any sort of dirt since the cushion is made up of 100% polyester. The wood is indeed high in quality, strong and durable with a large weight capacity. The chair has a weight holding capacity of up to 300 lbs. You can easily sit with your child on the chair and read them bedtime stories to help them sleep.

There is a comfortable armrest present that you need especially when you wish to read a book comfortably. To add more, you can choose from 5 colors that will go perfectly with any sort of interior of your room where you wish to keep the reading chair.

Lexicon Fabric Accent Chair:
  • Very minor assembly is required for this reading chair.
  • Great weight capacity makes it suitable for people of all sort of weight to use it.
  • The frame is made up of wood that is high in quality and looks very classy and elegant.
  • The material used for the cushion is 100% polyester.
  • Great color options to choose from according to your performance.
  • The cushions of this reading chair come attached. This makes it difficult for cleaning the chair whenever there is a requirement

6# Yong Qiang Casual Bedroom Chairs:

Ergonomic designs are known as a very classy option that you can choose for your bedrooms or your living room. And for that you will surely love the Yong Qiang Casual Bedroom Chairs. This reading chair has an ergonomic back design with proper firmness that gives your backbone the support that it is required so that you don’t feel any sort of pain while you read.

The whole ergonomic back is tufted with buttons to add design and class. This chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs for watching TV and as well as reading books. Forgiving your head and back a comfortable position to rest at, the sponge is upholstered and consists of elasticity. Solid wood legs of the chair and very durable frame construction makes it safe to transport around and also long-lasting.

The legs and the base of the chair are made up of solid birch wood that provides proper stability so that you don’t feel any sort of disturbance while you read your favorite book. You can get this chair for your living room, bedroom, library, and even office.

Yong Qiang Casual Bedroom Chairs
  • The top of the sofa is rolled up to provide proper support to your head and neck.
  • Very versatile since you can use the chair for reading, napping, watching TV or just simply to sit and relax while you have a cup of coffee.
  • It comes in 3 beautiful colors that are cream, khaki and gray.
  • Modern and elegant design that will suit all sorts of interior decors.
  • Build and constructed using strong and durable birch wood
  • This chair does not come with any sort of armrest. Anyone who is used to resting their elbows or hands-on armrest will find the chair uncomfortable to read.

7# Christopher Knight Home 305538:

If you are in search of a reading chair that will be a perfect fit to be placed in your living room as well, then you will like the Christopher knight home reading chair. The design of the chair is posh enough to be placed in the living room for your family members or any other upcoming guest to have a seat. It is one of the best reading chairs for small spaces.

The plucky rubber legs of the chair provide you stability so that the chair does not slip off the floor when you are having a seat. To add more, your beautiful floors will stay safe from getting scratched because of the rubber legs. The design of the reading chair has a retro vibe to it that will be liked by anyone who loves to add a classic touch to their homes.

With the help of the armrest, you can watch TV comfortably and also read a book. You will get to relax your hands on it to help let your body feel free after a long tiring day. The durable fabric of the sofa is there to make sure that it does not get ripped off under any circumstances. This reading chair comes in a very beautiful beige color that seems soothing to the eyes and not at all gaudy.

  • The tufted design makes it look classy.
  • Stable legs present that add comfort to your reading experience on the chair.
  • Durable fabric is used for this chair so that you have a comfortable seat.
  • The fabric is easy to clean up as well if any kind of dust or debris accumulates on it.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Easy to assemble and comes with a proper instruction manual as a guide.
  • The chair is not lightweight compared to the other ones.

8# BIRD ROCK HOME Reading Chairs:

If you want to get a fun and comfortable reading chair for the bedroom, then you will like the Birdrock Home Reading Chair. This reading chair is designed without any legs so that you can place it on any type of floor. The reading chair consists of memory foam and as well as soft plush fabric. The softness of the fabric and the memory foam together gives you a comfortable seat.

The best part is that you can use the chair for very purposes by adjusting it into 14 different positions. You can easily lay the chair flat on the floor whenever required for taking a nap. Turn it into a lounge chair whenever you feel like watching your favorite movie. Then, you can adjust the chair to your comfortable position whenever you wish to read a book with complete concentration.

The chair cannot only be used for yourself, you can use it for letting your guests have a stay at your house. You can transform it into a bed for letting your friends have a sleepover at your place. To add more, if you are planning to watch movies use it to let a good number of your friends sit together.

BIRD ROCK HOME Reading Chairs
  • Lay this chair flat and just keep it under the bed. It is easy to store since you don’t have to make up any space for it.
  • The chair comes in 5 different colors to choose from. Choose your most preferred color amongst the five that will go with the interior of your room.
  • It is adjustable to 14 different positions.
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry around.
  • This chair comes with a 30-day warranty only.

9 # Big Joe Roma Chair:

Floor reading chairs are ought to get stained since you will be using it to watch movies while drinking coke and munching popcorns. And as well as you will be reading while sipping coffee. Spilling things can happen any time that is why you need Big Joe Roma Chair as it has a stain-resistant fabric that is easy to clean.

So that you seat comfortably all the time when you indulge yourself in the world of your book, the reading bag consists of Meghan beans that are present on all the sides. To add more safety and durability to this floor reading chair, there are dual zippers present. For the fabric to be strong enough so that it does not get ripped off it is double stitched.

This chair does not only come in 5 different colors, it has different designs and patterns as well on the cover. You can choose the one that seems attractive and goes perfectly well with your room.

Big Joe Roma Chair

You will get a cozy and comfortable feel because the chair is stuffed with Meghan beans.
It is easy to shift around since it is lightweight.
It comes in multiple colors to select from.
Built-in handle present so that you can hold on to it and shift around.
Affordable in price.
Great weight holding capacity.
People who are aged and have issues with their knees might find difficulty in getting up from the chair

  • You will get a cozy and comfortable feel because the chair is stuffed with Meghan beans.
  • It is easy to shift around since it is lightweight.
  • It comes in multiple colors to select from.
  • Built-in handle present so that you can hold on to it and shift around.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Great weight holding capacity.
  • People who are aged and have issues with their knees might find difficulty in getting up from the chair

10 # Mecor Lounge Chair with Ottoman:

A chair with ottoman is surely a favorite spot for readers. And if you have a classy taste then you should get the Mecor Lounge Chair with Ottoman. This chair consists of Italian leather that is 100% original. The ergonomic design of the chair lets you feel comfortable and also lets you relax your back while you read your book.

The strong construction of the chair is the other thing that you will surely like a lot. The chair has an aluminum base and a strong framework using Palisander wood. This chair has an armrest as well that will make you feel comfortable whenever you wish to take a nap. The ottoman allows you to extend your legs after you come back home from a long tiring day.

You are getting this chair in two classy colors one is black and the other in brown. These two colors surely go with all sorts of interiors of the house and as well as office.

Mecor Lounge Chair with Ottoman
  • Classy framework with powder-coated die-cast aluminum base that will last very long and is durable.
  • Build with strong wood that has great weight holding capacity.
  • It comes with armrest for helping you read with comfort.
  • Classy and modern design with two popular colors makes it perfect to go with all interior types.
  • Since this is an ottoman reading chair, it is hard to assemble. As well as it takes longer to assemble compared to other reading chairs

Things to consider while buying the perfect reading chair:

Your entire fascination for books remains incomplete if you don’t own a reading chair that helps you go in-depth with your book. While reading a book there must be no place for any sort of disturbance. And for that, you need to get the perfect comfortable reading chair. Hence have a look at the aspects below that your reading chair must have to give you a comfortable experience.


Your reading chair should have a proper back designed to give your backbone proper support. You need to see that the height of the back of the chair is long enough for you so that your back, neck, and head stays in a comfortable position while you read. There should be firmness in the back of the chair to provide proper support.


Choose a reading chair that assures of having a durable fabric. That is a feature that you need to look for other than looking at if the fabric is attractive or not. Reading chairs that have leather, cotton, velvet and the linen-like fabric is surely great. Make sure that you can easily clean the fabric since you never know what you might spill on the chair.


You do need to have an armrest with your reading chair. That is because you need support for your elbow, hands and arms while you hold up your book or tablet for reading. Various reading chairs come with armrests made up of various components. Armrests can be made up of wood, metal frames or upholstered. Some come with padded foam.


Size is an immensely important aspect to look up to. You need to choose a chair that has the correct size compatible with your height and weight. To add more, if you ow a pet that is always clinging to you, you need to get the oversized chair. the oversized chair is a popular choice for most of the readers.

Depth of the seat:

If you prefer putting up your feet on the chair while reading you need a deep-seated reading chair. Also, such chairs are needed for tall people as well. on the other hand, if you are someone short and you prefer keeping your feet on the floor then deep-seated reading chairs are not your thing.


Reading chairs with an ottoman so that you can rest your legs on it is something that sounds comfortable. You can watch TV or read a book by feeling completely relaxed once you extend your legs on the ottoman. To add more, if you don’t have an ottoman included with your reading chair you can get a footstool.


How do you make a good reading space?

To make a good reading space you need to get a comfortable reading chair first. And then simply place it in an area that has proper lighting so that you don’t put any strain on your eyes. Choose your library to place the chair or any corner of your house that is quiet

What should I look for in a reading chair?

Have a look above in the guide. We have included some aspects and details about the things that you should consider while buying a comfortable reading chair

What is a reading chair?

Reading chairs is not any specific category of furniture. It is simply a chair that aids relaxation and concentration so that you can read comfortably.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, being a book worm you surely found this entire guide very useful. You can now get yourself the most comfortable chair for reading that will help you enjoy your passion for knowing books. If you find any difficulty with choosing between which reading chair you should be going for. Simply have a look at the buying guide that we have in the article.

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